Charity Involvement


Giving Back


Missy & Mel’s takes pride in doing our part in uplifting the community where it is needed. We focus on helping children’s charities.

One of the groups we have been directly involved with since our inception is SAY Detroit’s Better Together initiative.  Darrel Woods served 28 years in prison for a crime he did not commit. His sentence was exonerated in 2019 by Governor Rick Synder.  Darrel and the amazing team at Say Detroit, along with law enforcement officers from around the Detroit area, come together to counsel at-risk teens in a unique way. They come together and talk about their differences, similarities, and challenges they have with law enforcement officers.  And what brings everyone together better than a BBQ? Our Family saw a need in our community, and like always, he had a different way to solve it. Let’s get together and share our backgrounds and speak our minds about how we can come together as people and give today’s youth something to look forward to. We provide the food and let the kids help prepare the food on the grill. It is a life-changing experience.

We are proud to support youth organizations that are dedicated to improving reading skillsBeyond Basic’s is a reading program started in the Detroit School District to improve reading levels for all students.

The Ferndale Literacy Project is also a reading program that we help with. This program support students in Ferndale High School and Middle Schools.

A portion of all sales goes to support these and other non-profit programs that we believe in.