Fresh Salsas & Dips with Heart

Gluten Free ♥ Fresh Ingredients ♥ Real Love

Ditch those boring, cooked salsas in a jar, and try something fresh and exciting! Introducing Missy & Mel’s – the salsa so fresh, you’ll swear it was made in your own kitchen. Our secret? We keep it real by using only the freshest ingredients straight from the garden.

Our secret


Forget about finding us in the chips aisle next to those ketchupy imposters. You’ll find our super-premium salsa chilling out in the produce department of finer stores throughout Michigan. Yep, we’re talking about those fancy refrigerated cases where all the cool kids hang out.

Your taste buds will thank you!

All Natural
Small Batches
Award Winning
Family Owned

Prepare to be amazed!

If the only salsas you’ve ever tried came from a dusty jar in the back of the supermarket, prepare to be amazed.

Missy and Mel’s award-winning salsa is unparalleled. Featuring gluten-free, all-natural recipes made in small batches, our salsa has a wide variety of flavors that will appeal to any taste bud!

As if Missy & Mel’s salsa wasn’t already a win-win situation, when you buy it, you’re also a part of our family’s story. 

So don’t just settle for the store-bought salsa; try something better and let Missy & Mel bring life to your next taco night!

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Wanted to give a shout-out to missyandmels addition of their chips to their premier salsa.  I bought the combo at Niemans in Clarkston.  Locally made.  So much deliciousness.  #waterfording #wonderfulwaterford #salsa #chips #chipsandsalsa #fresh #missyandmels #snack #food #familybusiness #buylocal #eatlocal
What’s salsa without it’s chip? #missyandmels
Is it even taco Tuesday without the salsa?! Make your taco night even better by adding any of our missyandmels flavors to the menu! Whether you’re team tacos or team margs, our salsa pairs perfect with both! 😋
Grab yours today!
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